Spring 2014

Elementary School 1-5

  • Stevens Creek Elementary 
    Martinez, GA

    ENTRY NAME: The Very Hungry Caterpillar

    TEAM NAME: You Made that from WHAT?

    # OF CARTONS USED: 785


  • Mustang Elementary School 
    Mustang, OK

    ENTRY NAME: Smaug

    TEAM NAME: ARTrageous

    # OF CARTONS USED: 34,424

  • Bruce Guadalupe Community School Milwaukee, WI

    ENTRY NAME: Yum Kaax – Mayan God of Corn

    TEAM NAME: Ms. Koll’s Mayans

    # OF CARTONS USED: 620

Middle School 6-8

  • Camden Middle School
    Camden, NY

    ENTRY NAME: Lady and the Tramp

    TEAM NAME: Art Club

    # OF CARTONS USED: 907


  • Ringgold Middle School 
    Ringgold, GA

    ENTRY NAME: The Adventures of Dr. Seuss

    TEAM NAME: Tiger Tales

    # OF CARTONS USED: 2,014

  • Greenwood School 
    Greenwood, MO

    ENTRY NAME: E”moo”rald City

    TEAM NAME: Greenwood Milk Munchkins

    # OF CARTONS USED: 272

High School 9-12

  • College, Career & Technology Academy 
    Pharr, TX

    ENTRY NAME: Catching Fire

    TEAM NAME: Mockingjay

    # OF CARTONS USED: 657


  • Paulsboro High School 
    Paulsboro, NJ

    ENTRY NAME: Star Wars Star Destroyer

    TEAM NAME: Paulsboro Empire

    # OF CARTONS USED: 497


  • Washington County High School Washington, KS

    ENTRY NAME: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fun

    TEAM NAME: Pink Fluffy Unicorns

    # OF CARTONS USED: 581

DeQueen Middle School

DeQueen, AR

Elementary School 1-5

ENTRY NAME: Einstein
TEAM NAME:7th grade art

Benjamin N Cardozo HS

Bayside, NY

Elementary School 1-5

ENTRY NAME: Alice and Absolem’s Milk Made Hideaway
TEAM NAME:Salisbury Tales

Spring 2014 News