Fall 2017 – Sports

Elementary School PreK-5 • 300+ cartons

  • Briarwood Elementary
    Bowling Green, KY

    ENTRY NAME: Run for the Roses

    TEAM NAME: Briarwood Art Leaders

    # OF CARTONS USED: 847

  • Idlewild Elementary School
    Memphis, TN

    ENTRY NAME: Synchronized Swimming in a Pool of Milk

    TEAM NAME: The Memphis Moolympics

    # OF CARTONS USED: 1,200

  • Truman Price Elementary
    Donna, TX

    ENTRY NAME: Michael Borden

    TEAM NAME: T. Price Elementary Team

    # OF CARTONS USED: 2,094

Elementary School PreK-5 • under 300 cartons

  • Marble Elementary
    East Lansing, MI

    ENTRY NAME: Sparty Supports All Sports

    TEAM NAME: Marble School Spartan Fans

    # OF CARTONS USED: 283

  • P4K
    Brooklyn, NY

    ENTRY NAME: P4K S.P.O.R.T. Center

    TEAM NAME: DeKalb Mighty Builders

    # OF CARTONS USED: 260

  • East Rochester
    Elementary School
    East Rochester, NY

    ENTRY NAME: E.R. All Sports Trophy

    TEAM NAME: Home of Champions

    # OF CARTONS USED: 299

Middle/High School 6-12 • 300+ cartons

  • Pleasant Grove High School
    Texarkana, TX

    ENTRY NAME: Hawk Nation Milk Creation

    TEAM NAME: PGHS National Art
    Honor Society

    # OF CARTONS USED: 350

  • Holy Trinity School
    Morrisville, PA

    ENTRY NAME: Tournament of the Trinity Knights

    TEAM NAME: Medieval Knights of Trinity

    # OF CARTONS USED: 1,086

  • Johnsburg High School
    Johnsburg, IL

    ENTRY NAME: Skyhawks Sport the Net!


    # OF CARTONS USED: 720

Middle/High School 6-12 • under 300 cartons

  • LaBrae High School
    Leavittsburg, OH

    ENTRY NAME: Viking Lanes

    TEAM NAME: LaBrae Vikings

    # OF CARTONS USED: 263

  • Warwood School
    Wheeling, WV

    ENTRY NAME: Soccer Ball Soccer Stadium

    TEAM NAME: Warwood STEAM Club

    # OF CARTONS USED: 244

  • Holy Redeemer
    Evansville, IN

    ENTRY NAME: The Coliseum

    TEAM NAME: Holy Redeemer Rockets

    # OF CARTONS USED: 297

Middle School

Compton, CA

Middle/High School

ENTRY NAME: The Toyota Grand Prix
of Long Beach

TEAM NAME: Formula 1 – BMS


Lillian Ruediger Elementary

Tallahassee, FL

Elementary School PreK-5

ENTRY NAME: Roadrunner’s Endless Summer
Surfin’ Safari

TEAM NAME: Ruediger Roadrunners 5th
Grade Art Club


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