Spring 2013

Elementary School 1-5

  • Grant Elementary School Melrose Park, IL

    ENTRY NAME: Chicago Skyline

    TEAM NAME: Grant Panthers

    # OF CARTONS USED: 1653


  • Palla Elementary Bakersfield, CA

    ENTRY NAME: Dragon Bridge Statue

    TEAM NAME: Palla Bulldogs

    # OF CARTONS USED: 906

  • Orangewood Elementary Fort Meyers, FL

    ENTRY NAME: United States Capitol

    TEAM NAME: The Ocelots

    # OF CARTONS USED: 693

Middle School 6-8

  • Ringgold Middle School Ringgold, GA

    ENTRY NAME: Statue of Liberty

    TEAM NAME:Project Phoenix

    # OF CARTONS USED: 800


  • IDEA Frontier College Preparatory Brownsville, TX

    ENTRY NAME: The Statue of Recycability

    TEAM NAME: The Returners

    # OF CARTONS USED: 276

  • Stroman Middle School Victoria, TX

    ENTRY NAME: The Leaning Tower of Milk

    TEAM NAME: Stroman Vipers

    # OF CARTONS USED: 1450


High School 9-12

  • Post Falls High School Post Falls, ID

    ENTRY NAME: Empire State Building with King Kong

    TEAM NAME: Empire State Building

    # OF CARTONS USED: 1835


  • Harlingen High School Harlingen, TX

    ENTRY NAME: Lincoln Moomorial

    TEAM NAME: Harlingen High School AP Art Class

    # OF CARTONS USED: 130


  • Paulsboro High School Paulsboro, NJ

    ENTRY NAME: The Grand Canyon

    TEAM NAME: The Rabid Recyclers

    # OF CARTONS USED: 589

Brandenburg Elementary

Irving, TX

Elementary School 1-5

ENTRY NAME: Where in the World?
TEAM NAME:MBC (Made by Cougars)

Mustang Elementary School

Mustang, OK

Elementary School 1-5

ENTRY NAME: The Golden Gate Bridge