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grade level:

High School 9-12

John F. Kennedy Jr.

creation name:

Surgeon Moby

team name:

JFK Jr. Extreme Green Team

# of cartons used:


materials used:

Students learned about different technology uses in our everyday lives in order to help us. We learned about robots and how they are invented to help humans achieve perfection in certain jobs or to do menial tasks that they could perform it faster and efficiently. We decided to participate on building a robot for the Milk Carton Contest since this year’s theme was invention. We were starting to learn about robots and thought it would be a great idea to continue it along with learning about upcycling garbage such as milk cartons, paper towel rolls, toilet paper rolls and wood. Students would reuse the milk cartons that they drank for lunch or breakfast and then rinse and dried them. They did a variety of things with the boxes such as cut them open and tape them together. Robots are a great example of a great invention. We blended science, recycling, and technology into one huge project such as this robot. The theme of the project is about a Robot that is a Surgeon and has the meticulous skills to perform surgery on human beings. The surgery that is performed on the human being is open heart surgery.